Last week Hibernian Community Foundation and SPL Trust were joined by The Proclaimers and emerging Scottish act Admiral Fallow to launch the start of their SPL Trust Music Box project. Originally launched by SPL Trust in September 2011, the Hibernian's Music Box begins on Wednesday 22nd February.

This vibrant community music project brings young people aged 12-18 into Easter Road Stadium to take part in weekly music sessions free of charge, thanks to a partnership between all Scottish Premier League football clubs and Creative Scotland's Youth Music Initiative. Music Box offers a wealth of opportunities for young people to learn about the music industry, make their own recordings and take part in performance events.

Music and football have always had a close relationship. Young people not only define themselves by their choice of football team, but their lifestyles and friendships are also formed through their musical choices. Music matters in shaping our community and cultural identities. Football can lead to lifetime friendships, indeed a number of very successful Scottish bands have grown out of friendships made on the terraces.


The powerful draw of professional football clubs creates a unique opportunity for young people to engage with high quality learning experiences through Music Box. In particular it creates access opportunities for young people who would not normally participate in music making activities. In return, music is a great equaliser. It transcends perceived barriers of community or sporting allegiances.

Music Box will commence at Hibernian on Wednesday 22nd of February. Sessions will take place at Easter Road Stadium, offering young people the chance to try their hand at a range of musical instruments including drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals. Sessions will run on a weekly basis for a total of 30 weeks, during which time young people will also be given the chance to form bands and compose their own songs. Each club will hold a sharing event where the budding musical talent of the future can perform to their peers, family and friends.

Music Box is supported by Creative Scotland's Youth Music Initiative and will give teenagers the chance to try their hand at a range of popular music instruments including guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keyboards, and Djing.The young people will also have opportunities for musical collaboration including band work, recording, song writing and performing.


All the young people who participate in the Hibernian Music Box project for the duration of the session will also be eligible to gain an SQA qualification. This has been made possible through the support of Jewel & Esk College.

Book Your Place! Music Box is completely free, however spaces are limited and booking is essential. Places can be reserved using the following methods:

Phone or Text: 07522 985 772 (Michael Lambert, SPL Music Box Co-ordinator)

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