Hibernian FC

Hibernian Loyalty Scheme

The Hibernian Loyalty Scheme was introduced during the 2015-16 season to help recognise those supporters who attend matches both home and away. Supporters accumulate points based on buying season tickets as well as league and cup match tickets. When tickets go on sale for away matches they will be sold based on points totals, with those holding the most points given priority windows to purchase tickets.  

Points will accumulate over a rolling three year period. For example when season 2017/18 begins the points from 14/15 will be removed. 

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Hibernian Loyalty Scheme.

How do I join?

All Hibernian supporters, who are registered on the Club’s database, have automatically joined the Hibernian Loyalty Scheme already.  If you have bought a ticket for a match, online, over the phone or at the ticket office in recent years and have provided your contact details at the time of purchase then your data has been logged giving you a unique Client Reference Number. 

I don’t know my Client Reference Number – how can I find it?

For season ticket holders your Client Reference Number is printed on your season ticket.  If you’ve bought at the ticket office, over the phone or online (including print at home) your Client Reference Number is on your ticket.  If you still can’t find it either call into the ticket office or email your details to tickets@hibernianfc.co.uk giving your full name, address, date of birth and telephone number and they will check the system and confirm back your reference number.

How will this benefit supporters?

When tickets go on sale for away games, supporters with the most loyalty points will be able to purchase tickets first. Therefore attending more matches, home and away, will mean that you will have a greater chance of being able to attend the games where there is limited allocation.

What other benefits are there for the Club to introduce the Hibernian Loyalty Scheme?

The Club have introduced the ‘print at home’ purchase option and it has proved to be successful. It is convenient for fans and cuts down the queues on matchday. We hope that the Hibernian Loyalty Scheme will have a similar impact. By supporters buying online and for home games using the print at home facility this does not only save you time and money, it also reduces the Club’s ticketing administration costs and makes our operation more efficient.  The Hibernian Loyalty Scheme will also support these efforts. Having more up-to-date contact information will also allow the Club to communicate with supporters in a more tailored and meaningful way.

What are points awarded for?

Tickets purchased for matches this season will have a points value, whether it is home or away, cup tie or Ladbrokes Championship game.  If you have already purchased tickets for any of these matches, then we will make sure that these points have been logged.

Points allocated for the remainder of this season will be:

Ticket Type Points 14/15 Points 15/16
Season ticket membership 150 180
Home league/cup match 5 10
Away league/cup match 3 5


The Club may also run special promotions for additional bonus points throughout the season.

How do I get awarded points?

Points will automatically be awarded when you make an advance ticket purchase and quote your client reference number. This could be a purchase at the ticket office, over the telephone or via our eTicketing website. Points will not be awarded for tickets purchased at the cash turnstiles at Easter Road or when you pay cash at any away venue. Remember points can only be awarded once, so if you are making purchases for other supporters please ensure you quote their details in order for them to be awarded their points.

How do I check how many points I have?

Supporters can view their loyalty points online via the “My Account/Booking History” link on your online account.

How will tickets be distributed?

From the 2015/16 season ticket sales will be done in point bands.  This will mean that the sale of tickets will be staggered for the matches where there is a high demand for tickets, where those who have accumulated the most points by pre-purchasing tickets for both home and away matches will get the opportunity to purchase their tickets first.  This will help stagger any queues at the Ticket Office and limit the numbers buying online at any one time. Waves of sales will be decided based on a number of factors including the number of tickets available, the time available to sell tickets and the expected demand for tickets.

Will points be awarded for other purchases I make?

At present the scheme is focussed on recognising attendance at matches as opposed to expenditure. 

The Club and the Working Together group are looking at potentially linking other purchases to a loyalty/reward scheme in the future.  This may include retail parts of the Club but the priority just now is the ticketing loyalty scheme.

Can I update my personal details?

Yes and we’d like you to do this whenever one of your contact details changes as this helps the Club communicate with you.  You can change your contact details, email address, telephone number, etc. all in the “My Account” section to ensure that we can keep in contact with you all the relevant news from the Club.

How do I add people to my network so their points are added to their account when I buy their tickets for them?

Click on 'Manage My Account'. If the supporter is already on the database and has activated their account enter their Client Reference Number and surname under the 'Search for Existing Users' option. If the supporter isn't on the database or hasn't activated their account click 'Register a new user' and submit their details, including e-mail address. Once added to your network, simply assign tickets to the individual when purchasing.

I share an e-mail address with somebody else on the database-is this OK?

A unique e-mail address should be used for each user within eTicketing. Supporters who share e-mail addresses are requested to either register a new e-mail address unique to them, or ensure the main eTicketing user allocates tickets appropriately using the network facility outlined above.

I’m an existing season ticket holder - how will this affect me?

Season ticket holders receive an up-front award of points when they purchase their season ticket, equivalent to attending every home league match for the season. As a result season ticket holders will have accumulated more points for home match attendances than walk up home supporters right across the season. Points won’t be added on a game by game basis unless you are buying a ticket for an away match or a cup match.

I have the Cup Top Up – how will these points work?

As you are already a season ticket holder you have been allocated points for the home league matches.  As home cup matches come up your points will automatically be increased by 10 points for every home cup tie in the same way as your season ticket card is validated for entry to these matches.  You won’t have to do anything else to claim you points.

I only ever use the pods at home or pay cash at away matches – will I get points?

The problem with this transaction is we have no means of tracking these sales.  The Club has made significant investment into the ticketing system to allow supporters to buy tickets without incurring booking fees online or over the counter at the ticket office.  These points are a reward for making a conscious decision and pre-purchasing.  At home matches however any over the counter sales from the ticket office will be added to your account but this means that you might need to queue – to avoid the queues, book online and print at home.  The points will go straight into your account.

Are my points carried over from season 2014/15?

Point totals will be carried over from last season, with a rolling 3 year cycle planned for accumulation of points. For example, when season 2017/18 begins the points from 14/15 will be removed.  The accumulation of points is designed to recognise the ongoing commitment of supporters across seasons.

Why will points drop off after three seasons?

Whilst the accumulated points will recognise ongoing loyalty from supporters, we want to attract new supporters to support the Club as well. 

I normally get my tickets through my supporters club branch, will my points be logged?

The application for branches is usually received in one request to allow branch members to be able to sit together at matches.  Going forward the application must include the names, contact details and customer reference of each person requesting tickets and the ticket office will ensure that the relevant points are added each individuals account. Please note supporters groups will only be able to purchase for their members if each individual qualifies for the correct points bracket.

I have purchased a hospitality package for a game, do I receive points?

Seasonal hospitality members will be awarded points in the same way as season ticket holders.  The points are linked to match attendance.  If you buy hospitality for only one match your points will be awarded in the same way as they would be if you had gone online and purchased a ticket for the game. If you purchase hospitality tickets online you will have points added automatically in the same way as regular match tickets. If you are booking by phone please quote your client reference number when booking.

Do I get double points if I’m a season ticket holder who upgrades to hospitality for a match?

No, your points are awarded against your seat which would be moved to hospitality for that game so only one allocation of points is assigned.

Do I receive points for Mascot and 12th Man packages?

Each package includes two match tickets. Please provide two client reference numbers when booking in order to receive the correct loyalty points.

I’m disabled - how will that affect me?

Disabled supporters will be allocated points in exactly the same way.  The only difference will be that carers where they are required for the disabled person to attend will not be allocated points.   When purchasing tickets for games we are advised on the number of disabled seating tickets that are being made available to us.  The disabled supporter can then apply for these tickets in the same way as other supporters depending on the points they have accumulated.