Boyle Message

A Goodbye From Martin Boyle

Martin Boyle reserved a heartfelt goodbye to everyone involved with Hibernian FC.

The forward called time on his time with the club after a memorable seven-year period at Easter Road.

After joining the club back in 2015, Boyle admitted how difficult a decision it was for him to depart.

“It wasn’t a decision made overnight; it’s been going on for a few weeks. Ultimately, I think it was the right thing to do for family reasons and personal reasons as well. I think it’s opening up to a new adventure with myself.

“I’ve been honest with the club, and we’ve had a great relationship since I came in. Speaking to the club, to Ben, has been fantastic and ultimately this would never have worked if we hadn’t all been honest and had that communication.

“It was a hard decision, but one I’m comfortable making for me and my family.”

The 28-year-old has been linked with the Saudi Arabia club for a prolonged period and explained how open and honest the discussions have been with people at Hibernian FC.

“It was important to stay communicated and we did; it was great. I went in, asked questions, and that’s the way it is, it’s an honest club.

“The club have been fantastic for me, and I’d like to think I’ve been fantastic with them. The conversations we had were brilliant, no-one was livid as reports suggested, it was all smooth.

“They were honest with me about the valuation and because I’ve done so well here it was completely understandable.

“I think when I look back and signed that contract earlier this season, and took the release clause out, it meant that I couldn’t leave for what some would say as peanuts; that wouldn’t have been fair on the club.

“I’ve got this transfer fee for the club, which makes me feel much better about it. There’s no bridges burned, and I walk away in good spirits.”

It’s been some journey for Boyle during his time as a Hibee, from trying to force his way into the team to becoming a star man and an Australian international.

“From the moment I walked through the door I had a smile on my face; it’s been fantastic.

“I’m sure not many people can say they’ve had a smile on their face every day and joke or clown around, but one thing for me, is when I cross that white line, I certainly gave everything for the badge and the club.

“When I first came in, I think people could say I was a wee headless chicken running about, but I matured as a player, worked hard on my game, had multiple managers and experienced players that have helped me.

“When I first came here if you’d have said I’d be here for seven, seven and a half, years, I probably would’ve laughed at you, but I’ve gone on to achieve a lot here.

“This club helped me play international football, so I have a massive gratitude for that as well.

“It feels like it’s been shorter than seven years but if you speak to Paul Hanlon or Stevo (Lewis Stevenson), I’m sure they’ve got different opinions. My time here has been absolutely fantastic.”

He also reserved a special message to the Hibernian FC supporters.

“The fans were everything. For me personally I wanted to get them off their seats and bring exciting football.

“They know I love the club and the passion I’d bring. I was enthusiastic and honoured to play for the club. I wanted them to know I never took anything for granted and gave everything to the club.

“Their support in the stands every week was fantastic, even through Covid, and on social media I kept seeing nice messages. A massive thank you to them.

“Hopefully in the future I can return. There’s no club in Scotland I’d rather be at.”