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An Inspiring Partnership: Leith Links & Kicks For Kids

Ahead of our first home match of the season this weekend, we sat down with Susan Linn – a lifelong Hibs fan and avid supporter of our Kicks for Kids scheme.

Our charity season ticket, Kicks for Kids has been running since the early 2000s and continues to grow from strength to strength.

The initiative allows kids in the local community to get the opportunity to come and watch a match at Easter Road, thanks to the generosity of the Hibernian FC fans.

Kicks for Kids Season Tickets cost £85 and work just as a normal season ticket, entitling access to all home league matches.

Once purchased, these tickets are then donated and distributed throughout the local community to youth groups and charities as matchday tickets.

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A loyal supporter of the scheme has been Susan Linn, who helped set up the charity Leith Links in 2013 to help support the Kicks for Kids campaign in their own unique way.

Leith Links operates on a donation system, whereby anyone can donate any amount of money which is then pulled together to purchase Kicks for Kids Season Tickets.

Speaking to Susan explained how the charity came about and the thought process behind it.

“I came across the idea of fundraising but combining it with the existing Kicks for Kids scheme. My brother lives in Australia – where there's a big fanbase – and I knew the guys over there were keen to support the Club in whatever way they could.

“But, other than online purchases from the shop or subscribing to Hibs TV, there weren't many avenues for them to give Hibs their money.

“So I set up Leith Links so that supporters could donate any amount of money they wished. These donations are all combined and pooled until we reach multiples of £85. When we reach £85, we buy a Kicks for Kids Season Ticket.

“This way, even if you can’t afford a lump sum, you can still do your bit to donate and contribute to a Kicks For Kids ticket. In our opinion, it’s a win-win scenario.”

Over the years, Leith Links have bought 1,187 Kicks For Kids Season Tickets in total, and through their donation system have purchased another 70 for the 2022/23 league campaign.

The charity then distributes the tickets out to schools, charities and the local community, giving children the opportunity to attend a match at Easter Road who would not normally have got the chance.

As a lifelong Hibee herself, Susan insists that the main motivation behind the charity is inspiring the next generation of Hibs fans.

“My brother and I were taken to Hibs games in the 1970s/80s by our Uncle (our Dad was a Hearts fan!) and I was a Hibs Kid. I then got my Season Ticket in the old Enclosure then laterally, when the stadium was redeveloped, in the West Lower.

“In my opinion, the Kicks for Kids scheme really is a win-win-win scenario. A child gets to go to the games (who wouldn't normally be able to), Hibs get the Season Ticket proceeds and we're introducing the next generation of Hibs supporters who are the future of the Club.

“My dream scenario would be meeting an adult who first got the Hibs bug after receiving a Kicks for Kids ticket. That really would make it all worthwhile.”

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CLICK HERE to donate a Kicks for Kids Season Ticket!