19 03 22 We Stand Together Kit 52

Auction Live For Limited Edition Hibernian Women Shirts

On Sunday 20th March, Hibernian Women took a stance against the scenes of devastation in Ukraine. During the match, players wore the colours of the Ukrainian flag to show that we stand together with the rest of the football community to demonstrate support for the people of Ukraine.

Our auction and raffle is now live with the following shirts, all funds going to our Dnipro Kids Appeal.


- Eilidh Adams

- Gabby English


- Alexa Coyle

- Shannon Leishman


- Siobhan Hunter

- Amy Gallacher


- Leah Eddie

- Michaela McAlonie


- Ellis Notley

- Shannon McGregor


- Colette Cavanagh

- Joelle Murray

We will also raffle the following shirts, look out for more information later this week.

- Jenna Penman

- Ria McCafferty

- Emily Mutch

- Rosie Livingstone

- Kirsty Morrison

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