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Baucom Can't Wait To Play At Easter Road

Hibernian Women striker Jorian Baucom can’t wait to play at Easter Road in-front of thousands of people against Hearts on Saturday.

The American will experience playing at Easter Road and feel its atmosphere for the very first time and spoke at great length about the important role fans would play in helping the team to get a result.

“Every player looks forward to playing in a derby and getting to play in front of 5,000 plus fans is amazing.

“A derby is different compared to other games in the season. You want to come out with a win and going into Saturday, that’s going to be important for us.

“Whether you’re on the pitch or on the side-lines you’re always going to be feeling the atmosphere and the environment. It’s indescribable until you’re out on the pitch. Hopefully that will be our fans on Saturday.

“Having fans stand behind us is important. It helps build our confidence and our momentum and as long as you’re able to hear that it’s important to know everyone is behind you.”

Having played in the Champions League and across some of the world’s most prestigious leagues - lining up against some of the world’s best in the process – Baucom described how playing in an Edinburgh Derby compares to those moments.

“I think it comes down to the fanbase and Hibs fans are intense, they’re loyal and having them behind us is going to be huge for us. We need a result in this game and if it comes it’ll be down to them helping us along the way, and that will be special.”

With the team having scored an incredible 23 goals in their last 3 fixtures coming into this game – with Baucom having scored eight goals since her arrival in the summer – she was excited to be given the opportunity to extend that feat.

“I’m having a great time being able to find the back of the net. It’s always great to have that as a striker and having the support of the players and staff helps with the confidence building and that’s something I’ve really been enjoying.

“We were a new team coming into the season and now that we’re getting to learn from each other’s playing styles and tendencies, I think that’s starting to translate onto the pitch. A lot more of us are starting to find the back of the net and it’s only going to grow throughout the season. We will keep scoring to make that happen.”

Finally, with a wry smile on her face, Jorian spoke about how important and memorable it would be to score the winner in the derby.

“That would be anyone’s dream and I’d love to be able to do that. As long as we execute the game plan and continue to push, hopefully we will be able to create some chances that result in me maybe finding the back of the net!”