Black Friday Deal On Dundee & Livingston Home Tickets

We’re offering supporters a special Black Friday deal on tickets for our home games against Dundee and Livingston!

We’re offering a 50% discount on tickets for the two games until midnight on Monday 29 November.

All you have to do is use the code BLACKFRIDAY50 online and a 50% discount will be applied on any tickets over £10 purchased for Dundee and Livingston games.

CLICK HERE to get your tickets!

We face Dundee on Tuesday 14 December (7.45pm kick-off) and Livingston on Saturday 29 January (3pm kick-off).

Ticket Prices from (based on Bronze seats):

Adult - £24 (£12 with discount)

Over-65s - £12 (£6 with discount)

Students - £12 (£6 with discount)

12-17 years old - £12 (£6 with discount)

2-11 years old - £10 (£5 with discount)