Get To The Game In A Green Way!

As the Greenest Club in Scotland, we’re proud to be supporting Scotland’s Climate Week 2023!

As part of us taking part in Scotland's Climate Week, running from 25 September to 1 October, let's score a double win for both the club and the planet by reducing private car use when heading to Easter Road.

This year’s initiative for Climate Week is the ‘Big Car Cool Off’. Transport accounts for around a quarter of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions, with cars making up 41 per cent of transport emissions. By driving less, we can all help to reduce carbon emissions.

Scotland's Climate Week

Why it Matters: Traveling less by car has a significant impact, not just on our environment but also for you. It's a win-win situation! Whether you choose to clear your head with a bike ride, save money on fuel by walking, or wheeling or cycling to nearby destinations or share a ride with a mate – there are countless ways to contribute positively to our planet and your wellbeing.

That’s why we’re challenging Hibees to travel less by car during Climate Week and travel to Easter Road by walking, wheeling, cycling, taking public transport or car sharing instead.

The big Car Cool Off

As a club, we embrace sustainable travel, exemplified by our recent transition to an all-electric vehicle fleet. In support of this initiative, we've taken the step of setting up eight charging stations for employee use — six located at HTC and two at Easter Road. Additionally, we're actively urging our fans to join us in this eco-conscious endeavor by introducing a commercial charging station at Easter Road, accessible to the wider community.

Learn more about ways you can support Scotland’s Climate Week at Net Zero Nation.