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Interview | Chris Cadden

Chris Cadden is finally signed, sealed and delivered as our third new arrival of the January transfer window.

The former Motherwell man is desperate to get going and we sat down with him ahead of a possible debut against Kilmarnock.

Chris, this must have felt like a long time coming for you?

It’s been a bit of a wait, but I’m relieved now that everything is signed and sorted and I’m just excited to be a Hibs player at last. I wanted this from when I first heard of the interest and it’s taken a bit of patience on my part – and probably some hard work at Hibs’ end – but it’s been worth it.

What appealed about Hibs?

This is a massive club. Coming from Scotland, no-one needs to tell me anything on that front. There’s a big fanbase that I think everyone is looking forward to getting back into Easter Road when the time’s right and it just felt like the ideal opportunity for me. I spoke to Jack Ross and some of the other members of staff and it just felt like a great fit. I was excited by what they had to say and grateful for the interest in me.

You’ll be well-known to most Scottish football fans after your time with Motherwell but what do you see yourself adding to the squad here?

It’s probably for other people to say but I see myself as someone who brings energy and physicality. Hopefully, I’ll be able to lay on a good few goals and chip in with some myself. I can play in a few positions and I’m happy to play anywhere for the team. I’ve missed Scottish football, to be fair. I was lucky to get the opportunity I did at Motherwell and I’m glad to be back.

You took yourself out of your comfort zone with the move to Columbus Crew. How do you look back on that?

It really was out of my comfort zone so I would say it was a great life experience, to be away from home and in a totally different part of the world. That was probably heightened by everything that’s happened in the world, as I was obviously on my own a lot. That was hard, being in the apartment by myself during lockdown but Columbus Crew were great and did as much as they could have in the circumstances. I feel like I’ve come back a better player and a better person for it. The main regret was catching COVID-19, so I missed out on the Eastern Conference Cup Final and the MLS Cup Final.

The virus impacts people in different ways. How did you react to it?

I was very, very lucky, I have to say. I lost my sense of taste and smell for a week. Otherwise, I was largely okay. I had a light cough for one day and no real feeling of fatigue. When I look around, I know how fortunate I was to have that experience with it. My health’s not something I’ll ever take for granted.

You said you wanted to hit the ground running and regain that momentum you had before you left Scotland?

I felt good within myself playing for Motherwell and the taste of the Scotland squad was a dream come true. I want to get back to that sort of consistency, but everything will take care of itself if I work hard day in, day out in training. I’m a big believer in that. The only way to get fit is to play games at this point and I’d play now if I could. It might take me a little bit of time to get that sharpness but I’m desperate to get involved.

Has it been as easy to settle in at HTC as you’ve made it look?

So easy. I know the vast majority of the boys in the dressing room and the coaching staff. It feels like I’ve either played with or against most of them for Motherwell, the Scotland Under-21s and the full Scotland team. When I made my debut for Scotland it was alongside Lewis Stevenson, for example. And the people I didn’t know previously have been so friendly. I’d been told that in advance of coming here, that I’d really like it and it was a great environment, and that’s definitely how the first impressions have been.