Lee Johnson press 15

Johnson’s Four Week Plan

Lee Johnson has detailed what he plans to do in his first month as Hibernian FC manager.

With the majority of his players away during the off-season, and not returning to HTC until Saturday 18 June, he won’t be out on the training pitches, but there’s still plenty to do behind-the-scenes.

Not only does he have to introduce himself to the lads, but he also has to make sure the squad is in its best possible shape by taking a lead on the Club’s recruitment.

“I’ll certainly have conversations with as many of our players as I can. I’ve got a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, where they’d fit in, or where they wouldn’t.

“Recruitment also becomes a key factor and being at the forefront of getting the best players. I’ve got some really good contacts and links in England and Scotland to be able to canvas the project as much as possible and to sell the dream of what we’re going to do.

“We’ve got to sell the dream to players; make them feel wanted, valued and make them believe in that playing style, then they will defend it with their life in terms of their physical effort.

“Whatever happens, we must compete and compete at that top end of the table.”