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Luke1977 team up with Leith Links

Luke1977 have teamed up with local community charity Leith Links to auction off a signed 2020-21 strip.

Funds raised will go directly to Leith Links efforts within the community, giving young children the chance to attend football matches at Easter Road through the Kicks for Kids entitative.

Leith Links was set-up in 2013 with the aim of helping children, who would not usually be able to, attend Hibs games. Since then, over £86,000 has been raised by our fans and 1,117 season tickets purchased.

These tickets are distributed to youth clubs, charities, community centres and many other places where good work is carried out to benefit young people. Numerous letters of thanks have been received over the years, advising how much the children get out of going to the games, and hopefully a relationship will then be formed with the Club that will continue into adulthood.

The original ethos of Hibs was to help integrate people into their local community and we believe this tradition is honoured by helping the next generation attend Hibs games at Easter Road.

To make a bid please click here and direct message the team at Luke1977.