Ross: “This Is A Massive Game For Us”

“This is a massive game for us” said Jack Ross as he prepares his side for the UEFA European Conference League.

Our 2021/22 campaign kicks off on Thursday (July 22) against FC Santa Coloma, a side that finished third in the Andorran top-flight last season.

The match kicks off at 7.45pm at Easter Road and will see 4,700 supporters back inside the terraces.

When speaking ahead of the match, our Head Coach was keen to stress the importance of this match.

“Through pre-season you are always working towards that first game and the fact it’s in a European competition makes it even more special.

“Make no mistake about it, this is a massive game for us. We have approached it in that way and our preparation has been geared to this, it’s not an easing our way into the season, it’s bang ready to go on Thursday night.

“I’ve got a playing group, because of the stability of the group, know how we work, know the expectation and the demands we put on them.

“They’ve shown in the pre-season games that they’ve put themselves in the best possible place to start the season well on Thursday.”

But how much work can you actually do to prepare for a side that’s around 1,300 miles away? Well, Ross was keen to heap praise on his support staff.

“We’ve been as consistent and diligent as we have been for any domestic game, so there’s a lot of onus on our analysis staff to do that, they do a terrific job and work a lot of hours to do that.

“We’ve been limited in terms of recent match action because the domestic season hasn’t started.

“Our work began from the first leg, albeit at that point we were preparing for two teams, and from the second leg it became about FC Santa Coloma.

“We are respectful and have been as diligent as we always are, but a lot of our work over the last two weeks has been about strengthening what we feel we are good at.

“I think we’ve shown that, particularly in an attacking sense, and if we can take that attacking threat, intent, and end product into Thursday’s game then we give ourselves the best chance of a positive result.”