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Sergio Raimundo On The Inside Training Podcast

On the latest episode of the Inside Training Podcast, we dive inside the mind of our Assistant Head Coach Sergio Raimundo.

Sergio has an incredible story and a rather different route into football than the ‘traditional’ one widely discussed in the game.

He discussed his time in the Navy and Special Forces, detailed where his passion for football came from, and also explained how attending the same University course as José Mourinho and Carlos Queiroz opened his mind for football.

Alongside this he chatted about his relationship with Nick Montgomery, working all over the world, and his current role at Hibernian FC.

This podcast is a must-listen for all Hibs fans as they can find out more about Sergio, who plays a vital part of the coaching team at Hibs.

The full interview is available to watch below on YouTube!

You can also listen to it on our Spotify account by CLICKING HERE.