Supporter Information: Covid Passports

Our cinch Premiership match against Dundee United at Easter Road will be used as a trial run for Covid Passport checks, but no supporters will be refused entry for failing to produce a vaccination certificate this weekend.

Under the regulations provided by the Scottish Government, all Scottish football club that are hosting games where the attendance is greater than 10,000 are legally required to implement a spot-check system to ensure supporters have proof of double vaccination or an exemption prior to entry.

The rule will not be enforced until Monday 18 October, so we are using the game against Dundee United to test our processes, and to gain data, to make it as safe, quick, and easy for supporters to enter Easter Road on a match day.

As we are only testing our processes this weekend, all supporters will still be able to watch the game regardless of their vaccination status.

However, from 18 October, any supporter failing to prove their vaccination certificate, or an exemption status will unfortunately be refused entry, in compliance with the law provided by the Scottish Government.

We will release further details on Covid Passports ahead of our home game against Celtic, which will take place on Wednesday 27 October, so supporters have clear, concise information.

The decision to implement a Covid vaccine passport was not taken by us, but we must follow Government guidance in order to keep our fans safe.

Proving Your Vaccination Status

We would accept both digital and paper copies of your vaccination status, but would advise supporters to use a paper copy if possible due to the reported issues with the NHS Scotland Covid Status App. We also believe this will be the quickest way for you to gain entry to Easter Road.

Click here to gain access to your vaccination certificate.

Information on how to download and use the Covid status app can be accessed by clicking here.

Further information on the COVID certificate scheme can be accessed here.

Supporters attending from the rest of the UK and the broader Common Travel Area (including Republic of Ireland) will be able to use their existing Covid Status apps with QR Codes or paper-based certificates. Visitors from outside the UK can use proof of vaccination from the country they were vaccinated in.

Entry to Easter Road

To meet the regulation provided by the Scottish Government, we will be undertaking random spot-checks in all four stands at Easter Road.

With this in mind, and the fact we are testing our process for this, we will strongly encourage supporters to arrive earlier than usual. Turnstiles will open from 1pm.

Again, we’d ask supporters to bring a physical copy of their vaccine certificate, but digital will also be accepted.

On arrival at the ground, please have your certificate ready just in case you’re stopped randomly, this will make the process quicker for everyone.


The following groups of supporters are exempt from showing a Covid Passport:

  • Under-18s
  • Supporters that cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons
  • Participants in vaccine trials

Supporters that are medically exempt or those that are participating in vaccine trials should carry proof of this. CLICK HERE to view information provided by the Scottish Government that details what is accepted as Proof of Exemption.

We will, of course, adhere to our obligations under the Equality Act 2010 when implementing the spot checks.

For further guidance on Covid Passports at Easter Road, please CLICK HERE.

Again, we would like to emphasise that we are obliged to follow Scottish Government legislation and that this wasn’t our decision.

Your support this season has been magnificent, so we’d like to thank you for your understanding, and we can’t wait to see you at Easter Road this weekend and beyond.

Supporter Code of Conduct

To read the latest copy of the Supporter Code of Conduct, please CLICK HERE!


For details on our use of the NHS Scotland COVID Check App (“Covid Check App”) data, please CLICK HERE.