Supporter Information: Hearts (H)

All the information for supporters ahead of our game against Hearts at Easter Road.

With the match now sold-out tickets are only available to those on the Club database via the ticket exchange platform at https://www.eticketing.co.uk/hibernianfc/.

Supporters are strongly encouraged not to come down to the stadium unless they have pre-purchased tickets.

With the game kicking off at noon, turnstiles will open at 11am and again you are advised to arrive early in order to avoid any queues at the turnstiles. Please remember it’s the Edinburgh Festival Season and with ongoing tram works delays and it being a Sunday service on public transport additional time should be given for your journey to Easter Road.

Supporters are reminded on the new legislation that means the possession of a firework or other pyrotechnic device in a public place without reasonable excuse is now an offence. Smoke devices, firework or flares are already prohibited items at stadiums and supporters are asked to consider the safety, comfort and potential distress of fellow supporters by keeping such devises out of football. Similarly bottles and cans are not permitted inside the stadium and supporters are advised that they may be subject to a search before entering the stadium.

Please follow the direction of Police and Stewards before during and after the match.

Crowd Dispersal Post-Match

After the match the usual segregation arrangements will be in place on Albion Place and Hibernian Supporters are advised to use St Clair Street or Hawkhill Avenue as the quickest routes away from the stadium. These barriers are likely to be in place for a period of up to 30minutes after the match ends.

It should also be noted that the gates at the rear of the South and East Stands will be closed to spectators before and after the match as is the norm on this fixture.

Finally, we have been advised of a gathering and march in Great Junction Street and it may be recommended to avoid this area after the match ends to avoid possible delays.