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The Common Thread - Stanley's Story

NHS Lothian have produced a series of content profiling their staff during the current pandemic called 'The Common Thread'

The Common Thread is a project designed to give NHS Lothian staff a chance to tell their stories from 2020 in a creative and engaging manner. This week's video highlights the breadth of work NHS Lothian staff undertake - lots of people only think of the NHS as hospitals or doctors surgeries when there is so much work that goes on in the community to support people too.

In this episode, Stanley demonstrates how much care these professionals have towards their patients and gives yet another angle to how someone working in the NHS has had to adapt to meet the needs of their patients during the pandemic.

Our partnership with The NHS is more than just a logo on the shirt. This is real people, real lives, and we at Hibernian FC are delighted to be able to profile the work of our NHS heroes, especially during this current pandemic that we're all going through.

We now have to meet by phone, sometimes there's a silence at the other end, and I can't tell if it's serious or not.

Stanley Kadulski
NHS Lothian

The Common Thread - Stanley's Story