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Stadium Advertising

Communicate your brand message in and around Easter Road Stadium through advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Scottish Football has enjoyed significant broadcast audience growth over recent times and now with both BBC and Sky broadcasting the SPFL viewership figures are expected to climb once again throughout the UK.

Around the world, millions will take in the drama of the SPFL with matches and highlights available in 132 territories, across 6 continents and an overall international reach of 342 million people.

Our brand-new trackside LED system is the perfect platform to get your brand out there to both fans in the stadium and to those watching on TV. Adverts go around all 3 sides of the system covering the TV Arc of the pitch and each minute is broken into 2x30 second displays:

Stadium advertising is football’s most powerful method of communicating brand messages to a mass market, harnessing the power of sport to create emotional bonds with the fans and build brand equity.

To discuss your requirements get in touch with our Commercial Team by emailing commercial@hibernianfc.co.uk or call 0131 656 7075.